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First Male Sex Doll

You MUST watch to the end. This video proves women are rising.


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14 Women Describe What Sexual Arousal Feels Like

This article will help men understand how much better sex is for women.

1.      You know that feeling like you’re going over a hill and you get that swoosh feeling in your stomach? It’s like that, but in my pants.

2.      You know that feeling you get in your chest when you drink something warm on a cold day? I feel like that, but in my pelvis.

3.      Its kinda like “Hey, I kinda wanna have sex” then after a while its like “Yeah, a penis around here would be pretty great”. Then a while later it’s like, “That dude probably fucks really good. I want to fuck him.” Then finally, “For the love of all that is holy, I want to fuck anyone.”

4.      Can’t think about anything else but sex. Every word, every phrase. Constant pulsing, panties get wet, clit easily aroused just by moving in a chair. Lips get fat, skin tingles, hyperaware of your breasts in your bra and wanting them to be fondled. Constantly deep breathing trying to control the urges. Neck is hypersensitive, get a look in your eyes like an animal ready to feed.

5.      It’s like peeing your pants a little and you feel this warm wetness. Which eventually becomes cold and uncomfortable after a while. 

6.      Ahh…for me, it’s the feeling of wanting to be filled so badly that it hurts. Like, it physically aches from how badly I need it. And the feeling of wanting to be touched is overwhelming, and craving the weight of a man on top of me. This is really sad but…I’ve been single for a while, and sometimes it gets so bad/overwhelming that I’ll actually cry :/ Oh god now I’ve made myself sad.

7.      I don’t know how to describe it from memory, not horny right now. I guess I get pretty sensitive down there and have the urge to hump/rub against anything. I also get butterflies in my stomach.

8.      For me it starts in my neck and works its way down. When my toes curl and my body starts twisting in desire it’s usually because I’ve gone from goose bumps all over my body to trying to press myself deeper into my partner. I also almost feel ticklish.

9.      Okay it’s like this: you’re a little hungry, and there’s this burger joint right down the street. Not a shitty McDonald’s or something—this high­end classy burger joint where everything tastes like heaven. You’re not hungry hungry, just enough to notice it, but when you do you start thinking about that burger place… and it makes you hungrier, and you start to feel that emptiness in your belly, and you’re like “man, I could go for a burger.” So either A) you go get your burger and it feels so juicy and good and you feel full and happy afterwards and you get all fat and lazy or B) you ignore it/eat something else and it’s okay but it’s not nearly as satisfying. Mostly (for me, anyway) horny is about scratching that itch and getting that fullness and satisfaction and all the happy hormones. Turned on is a whole different thing altogether and requires intimacy or mental stimulation.

10.   Starts with a warm, tingling pulsation of my clit and increasing wetness and builds up from there, to the point of frustration where I have trouble thinking about anything other than my complete desire to be filled.

11.   So I start off just getting a little bit flushed. I feel mildly hotter all over my body and I start to get really aware of how soft my skin feels. A mild touch of my hand on my thigh might send me shivering. I often rub my thighs together if I’m in public to alleviate the need to move, but it pretty much ends up with me getting hotter. I can feel myself start to throb and my breathing starts to fluctuate. Then the thoughts start coming, every hot situation you’ve been in, all the guys you thought were cute, and all the fantasies you’ve been having lately. I often find myself thinking about a fantasy and have to abruptly stop or I’ll get really frantic with the need to have sex. Something that always happens is the need to be filled, I can’t describe it but I just feel empty and want something in me; sliding. Even if you take care of yourself you can still feel the echoing throb, the clenching of your muscles wanting to pull something inside of you. Yeah, also you get really wet.

12.   Sometimes I have so many other symptoms going on that I don’t even realize it’s horniness. I get very antsy, I just want to go on an adventure. I want to eat good food, drive fast, do something exciting! Then when I finally have sex I’m like, oh that’s all I needed, and I can finally relax.

13.   Am I the only chick here who doesn’t like the” itch” analogy? That sounds gross. To me, it’s more like this achy, throbbing desire for pressure on the outside parts, and the feeling of needing something in me to grip on. Damnit, now I’m horny.

14.  It’s sort of like a craving to be touched that increases the more aroused I am. It spreads through my vulva with a flushing feeling that builds up. There’s a tingly sensation as well as a lot of warmth and I start getting wet. As it all increases I just get this really really tingly and warm feel that makes me have such a strong desire to be touched.

So following up to that, when I’m like just really really aroused, there’s this tingly (yes more tingles!) butterflies­ in­stomach kind of feeling which basically like pulses throughout my body and into my pussy and it just is a really intense and kind of different response. It’s hard to explain and I’m not sure if it’s like this for others, but it gets really strong. It also makes me feel really dirty…though not in a bad way.

My clitoris and in my vagina is just like this constantly racing and very moist sexual warmth and my legs pretty much spread involuntarily and I get squirmy at this point. There often also comes this strong desire to be…filled. On the topic of wetness, it’s pretty easy to notice and everything becomes so much more sensitive, not just sexual parts (though they definitely do too) I get a real excited feel in my head, but it’s also really relaxed at the same time. I just kind of go into a trance lol. My breathing normally speeds up, and mentally I just shift into this more sex­centered zone where I feel this need to be stimulated so very much or if with a partner then things like kiss them.

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Life as a Bisexual Wife

From: http://www.bisexual.com/forum/showthread.php?9862-My-life-as-a-bisexual-wife

Maybe there’s a woman out there who’s struggling with her attractions to women or someone who believes negative things about bisexuals.

I am your average 31 year old married mom. I live in Southern Indiana in a big house on the edge of town. I go to college and adore my pets. My daughter and I like to go to yard sales and shop at Goodwill. I love going camping in the summer and spending time with my family. I love my husband so much it hurts. On the surface, I look like the most average person in the world. In reality, I'm nothing like that. I am bisexual. This might not sound like a big deal but for me, it was life-shaking. I was blissfully unaware for most of my life that I was attracted to women. I couldn't understand why I avoided the friendship of women, why I would get that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever a pretty girl smiled at me. Most people won't understand how something like that can go unnoticed for over half your life. If you're not looking for it, you'll never see it. Bisexuality is like a disease if it's unrecognized. It slowly seeps into every aspect of your life until your relationships suffer and you feel like you're lost in a fog. Once it's acknowledged, it becomes a quest, something that you want to learn everything about and experience all at once. 

As a bisexual woman living in the heart of the Midwest, it's tough. I can't tell my friends and family that I date women outside my marriage, I have to hide the bi-themed books I read and keep my feelings to myself. No one except my husband knows what the pink, blue and purple bracelet on my right wrist means. Being bi has had its ups and downs for me. Some days I hate it. I hate being so attracted to the waitress in a restaurant that I stutter when she asks me if I need anything. I hate trolling the dating sites looking for a woman who doesn't mind dating a couple. I hate feeling like no one really knows me, except for my husband and the women I've dated. On the other hand, I love kissing a woman. I love the way her skin feels next to mine. I love the tender, romantic way women court each other. I love and nurture the part of me where my bisexuality lives. I love the way my life feels finally complete when I have a woman in it. 

My husband and I have a very strong marriage. It wasn't always this way. Before I admitted my bisexuality, I was closed off and disinterested in sex. Now I feel like there's nothing I couldn't tell him. He understands my need to be with a woman and doesn't get jealous when I check out a girl in the grocery store. Our experiments in and out of the bedroom have strengthened our marriage to the point where I know without a doubt he is my best friend and soul mate. I know it's hard for the mainstream public to understand why a couple would want to open their marriage up to another person. For me, it wasn't a choice as much as it was a necessity. I needed to be with a woman in order to be happy. If I wasn't with a woman, then I needed to acknowledge that I wanted to be. Just being able to admit to myself and him how attracted to women I am has changed my life. I believe I could go the rest of my life without being with another woman. As long as I have my husband by my side, I would be fine. Of course, I am lucky enough to have the option to date women and explore my sexuality. I don't have to find out what life is like ignoring the fact that I'm bi. I consider myself a very lucky woman to have a wonderful, supportive husband. 

I'm not “out” to anyone, other than my husband and a couple of friends. I don't intend for my family to ever know I am bi. I understand the need to come out, to finally have no more secrets from the people you care about. For me, it would be disastrous so I avoid the subject entirely. I don't think I need my mom to know I sleep with women in order to be a true bisexual. When you're dating women, that's one of the first questions they ask. Are you “out” and to whom? I'm not opposed to coming out, I think it's right for some people and not good for others. In my life, there aren't many people who would understand my need to be with women and my husband's understanding of that need. Southern Indiana isn't exactly a progressive state like that. Around here, you're considered the oddity if you're gay. Gay people are laughed at, made fun of, and in general, avoided. Coming out for me would mean my daughter would be aware of my sex life, something I really want to avoid. I don't think it's anyone's business what and who my husband and I do in our bedroom. There are people who chastise me for not coming out. I've been called a closet bisexual and more, in chat rooms and by women I've tried to date. Maybe I am but it's my decision to make. I don't need the complications in my life right now. When my husband and I move away to another state, away from our family, I probably will be more open about my sexuality. 

The other thing being bisexual has taught me is the value of loving and accepting myself. Okay, really it was my husband who taught me that but it was a result of being bi. I've learned that I can't stuff myself into a cookie cutter mold of what I think the perfect wife and mother is. The day I realized I was bi was also the day I took all of those preconceived notions and threw them straight out the window. Not that it was instantaneous, it was a long, difficult process of soul-searching and self-discovery. It was so hard to realize I was never going to be the woman I imagined I would be when I was growing up. I had to take everything I believed and shatter it. My image of self shifted. I'm still a great mom and wife like I always wanted. I'm still the person I worked really hard to be. I'm just a slightly different person and that's okay with me.

Bisexual Wives?

From: http://forums.menshealth.com/topic/living-with-a-bisexual-wife

I rarely find posts from husbands married to bisexual women. The few I have read were against their wives dating women because it was considered cheating just as if she dated other men.

I hit the jackpot with my wife. She did not learn she was bisexual until well after we married. She started fantasizing about sex with women until it consumed her to the point that she had to do something about it but she did not want to jeopardize our marriage. Our sex life began to suffer because of her yearning for a woman. 

Her solution made my life every man's dream. She invited her best girlfriend, someone who was just a very close friend of both of us, into our bed one night and our love for this woman that I jokingly had been calling wife number two because she was always staying with us for weeks at a time, turned sexual. My wife loved making love to her GF and even more lucky was that her GF had sex with other girls while in college. I thought that whole experimentation thing in college was just a myth but it is real.

We just all clicked because there already was a strong emotional bond among us. We had given her money to help her through hard times and let her say with us after her divorce. We were like family and adding sex to the relationship cemented that family tie. 

I am not lucky just because I have had a few thousand threesomes over the last 40 years. Even that gets as stale as sex among monogamous couples after a few years. I am lucky because in our GF I found my perfect sexual partner as did my wife. She was dominant with me and soft and tender with my wife. Both of them are sexually adventuresome and we tried just about every fetish there is except the really weird ones and animals. :)  

I often had to hold my tongue when the guys talked about having a threesome before they die. I was sick of them and began having one-on-one sex with the two women in my life after the threesome. However, performing three times a night was not so easy when I got older but luckily Viagra came along and solved that problem 

We had sex in the back of limos and on beaches around the world. We went to places in the tropics that had nude or topless beaches. We were all attractive people back them and boy did I get envious looks from other guys and dirty looks from their wives or girlfriends. The girls loved to put on a show on the dance floor starting off dirty dancing with each other. That always drew a crowd and then I would join in, kiss each of them and leave no doubt that they were both with me. It was a time where all three of us were making very high incomes and enjoyed them to the fullest.

We visited 19 counties and did everything we ever wanted to do in life. It has been a great life with two women that love me. I do not think other guys are so lucky with their bisexual wives. My wife is a one-woman, one-man kind of gal and if you ask her what kind of sex she likes best, she will say a FFM threesome. She needs both a male and a female to provide her with what she likes sexually. Other thing was that we never had a single problem due to our poly lifestyle. No jealousy or insecurity. I even had girlfriends when I was living with my wife and our GF. I just need lots of women in my life and the ladies had a don't ask, don't tell policy so it worked out for us. Once in a while I tried to get a third woman involved but the idea of having sex with me in front of my wife and lover, was too much for them. Most did not believe me anyway.

I have never told my story to anyone. Our family and straight friends never knew about our lifestyle. We moved more than a dozen times so it was not difficult to keep our lifestyle private. It is funny that when you are married, no one thinks twice that there always seemed to be my wife's girlfriend staying with us for one reason of the other. Marriage covers all sins.

Anyone else with a bi wife and if so, how did you two handle it?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hotwifing Can Benefit an Open Relationship.

From: http://www.yourtango.com/experts/mr-mike-hatcher/why-women-would-enjoy-and-benefit-hotwifing

Hotwifing is a term that applies to a woman whose man believes she is hot enough to attract men. It also implies men would desire her. The concept of another man holding, kissing and fucking your wife is considered abnormal.  But it is a fantasy that many men and women have. Research has shown that many men would love to see their woman with another man. But the question is, do women benefit from it? This post focuses on the benefits of being a hotwife.
1. Lifelong fantasy fulfilled
Many couples have fantasies about taking their relationship to a higher level. Hotwifing is a way of expressing yourself while having fun. While many couples have hotwifing fantasies, most are unable to express themselves. They fear what their partner might think. One of the benefits of hotwifing to women is the fulfillment of a lifelong fantasy.
2. Freedom
A hotwife will have freedom to enjoy other men. Many women would think about sex with other men but don’t have the opportunity to do so. When a man desires his woman to be with other men, his wife has the freedom to have them.
3. Jealousy
Jealously is the primary reason relationships fail to work. Feeling insecure has contributed to disagreements in relationships. Hotwifing helps free her man from feeling jealous. When your wife has freedom to be who she wants to be, she knows you have her best interest at heart. This will engender her trust in you. Any man who gets off watching his wife with another man, will help eliminate feelings of insecurity and jealousy.
4. Communication
A relationship should be built on trust and communication. If you want a happy relationship, both must understand each other and give each other freedom. Before a man and wife agree on the hotwife lifestyle, they must discuss it and agree to want it. Hotwifing will increase trust and communication and will bring them closer together. The hotwife will feel that her man trusts her. As a result, the bond between man and hotwife will be greatly enhanced.
5. Beautiful and attractive
Men will feel their hotwives are amazing.
When other men admire his hotwife, it means that she is beautiful and attractive. Every man desires his woman to be other men's dream. Hotwifing provides the opportunity to appreciate how beautiful and attractive she is to other men. This will cause him to love and respect her more deeply.
6. Confidence
Hotwifing allows women to express themselves. This helps boost her confidence. When a woman knows her man supports her doing what she wants, she will feel good about herself. This will boost her self-confidence.
7. Intimacy
Hotwifing gives a couple the opportunity to improve their intimacy and gain important knowledge will help make their intimate life together better. New excitement and variety in sex will help improve your intimate life.
8. Satisfaction
Hotwifing creates a platform to attain deep physical satisfaction. His woman will have the opportunity to spend quality time with a man while becoming intimate. This will quench her thirst for men she finds attractive.

In conclusion, the benefits if hotwifing are much greater than what many think. However, complete trust is required to ensure that both are happy in the lifestyle.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

First Time Hotwife

From: http://bit.ly/2f31F4X

My husband and I both shared the fantasy of a threesome with another man for some time, and he also enjoyed thinking about me with other men, but I never thought about fulfilling it. He tried to convince me to realize the fantasy as long as we are still young and attractive. I never thought it would happen, but I started to open up for this possibility. About 3 months ago he began to share pictures of me and was also PMing with a few Redditors. One of them, let’s call him BD, lives a few hours away from us, but travels to our area once in a while. About 2 weeks ago BD told us that he will be in our area for a couple of days, and asked to meet with us.

After reading my husband’s correspondence with BD, I really liked his approach and was somehow persuaded to meet him, but said that I didn’t promise anything. As the days went by, I was more and more excited about the whole idea (This made both of us incredibly horny, and fuck like rabbits that week). We couldn’t get a sitter for our kids, so we could only meet at our place. I can be a little shy in situations like this, so my husband thought that if he’ll give us instructions in the context of a sexy photo-shoot, it’ll help me open up. The day of the meeting came, and I was very pleased to discover that BD looked better in real life than in the pictures (don’t get me wrong, he looked fine in the photos he sent us). The moment he came through the door I knew I wanted him. We talked for about an hour, and got to know a bit more about each other. At some point I signaled my husband that I was ready.

My husband took control and suggested that he and BD would switch seats so he would sit one next to me, and that he’ll get the camera and start the photo shoot. First, my husband asked us to kiss. BD was very gentle at first but soon enough we were kissing each other passionately. At this point, I lost my inhibitions and we didn’t wait for more directions and took more initiative. From time to time my husband stepped in with some requests, and this was how I lost my panties :). After making out for some time, BD asked my husband to switch places with him and he watch us as we kiss. Very quickly I was riding and fucking my husband on the couch in front of BD. After a while BD pulled his cock out of his pants, and I thought it was some kind of optical illusion. Can it be that big? So I asked him to come closer. I grabbed his cock while riding my husband and put it in my mouth. Yep, it was that big, the biggest I’ve seen thus far (FYI my husband is well above average). I really enjoyed having his massive dick in my mouth and sucking it, so I decided to give it more attention, and after sometime got off of my husband to concentrate on BD. I got completely wet from sucking his cock and from the occasional clicking sounds of the camera which reminded me that my husband was watching. 

After a while we moved to the bedroom, and my husband asked me to remove all my clothes, get on top of BD and rub my labia on his dick. My husband decided to step in and put his cock in my mouth. Feeling 2 cocks at the same time felt absolutely amazing, and my husband had to ask me not to come as he knows how fast I can come when I’m so turned on. He then went to fuck me doggy style while BD put his dick in my mouth. This particular position never turned me on when I thought about having a threesome before, but it was so amazing I could do it all night long. Unfortunately BD had to leave before he got a chance to fuck me, so we decided to meet on the following night and continue where we stopped (it didn’t of course prevent my husband and I from continuing without him…)

I was super excited during the following day. I was both thrilled and intimidated when I thought about his massive dick penetrating me. The next night things moved much quicker, and I learned that not only BD has a big cock, but he also knows what to do with it. My husband decided to just sit and watch us fucking and I was so excited to think of him masturbating to me having sex with another man. After a while my husband decided to join us and I was again having that the awesome feeling of 2 dicks pleasuring me. I came twice that night, and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the following day. In the days after that encounter my husband and I were so full of passion, we had some of the best sex of my life. All in all, it was an amazing experience.

Thoughts About Mutual Masturbation for Lesbians