Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sharing My Wife for the First Time

It happened a while ago when my (now ex) wife was 26. For a while she had been moaning about being unattractive. This continued no matter how I tried to re-assure her. I asked if she had noticed other men eyeing her? She did not believe they found her attractive.
When we were making love, I'd complement her on her body saying how lucky I was and how other guys would love to be touching, kissing and doing all the things I was doing to her. She still doubted it. I mentioned a number of guys we both knew as friends and how I knew they made admiring glances and would love to have her. Over time this advanced to role play and seemed to help our sex lives. I would talk while we had sex about how one of our acquaintances would love to be doing what I was doing, describing how they would be exploring and enjoying her. This had been going on regularly for over six months.
Then I decided to make a move, I invited an old friend to visit with us for a weekend. My friend (I'll call him Ken) was shown to the guest room and we all went to bed. After a time, my wife and I were getting it on and, as usual, I was telling her how our guest enjoyed eyeing her. Again she doubted me. I told her that he had been complimentary. I thought he would love to get his hands on her - like this - as we role played. I asked her to imagine it was Ken's hands on her and his mouth sucking her nice firm breasts. She responded well but said she did not think anyone would want to do this to her.
Now things turned up a notch as I said to her “I'll tie you here and let him come and run his hands over you” - she laughed and I took that as assent to play further.
Five minutes later, four bathrobe towel belts were used to restraint her; she was tied spread-eagle, face up on the bed. The role playing continued. I was telling her how it could now be Ken feeling her all over as I played the part, acting as if I was having my first encounter with her.
She was getting very turned on as I pretended to be Ken. So I started teasing saying now you are tied like that there is nothing you can do, I could go get Ken and have him join us. She part laughed part groaned saying you can't do that (no anger or "don't you dare" or “let me out now”).
Enjoying having her restrained (the belts and ties were not merely symbolic. I knew she could strain against the knots and they would hold). I climbed onto her, felt her all over, and trailed my mouth down her body as she squirmed against the ties. I then slipped my dick into her very wet pussy. Then I quickly pulled out and pretended to go get Ken.

I was surprised and inwardly smiling that she was not freaking out when I played the game of going out to get Ken. So I took a bathroom break and moved to the door again - I did not get an explicit NO, but she did say "don't go waking him up".
I left the bedroom, took a few steps, then returned, looked at her tied there spread eagle and completely exposed and told her "I'm going to do it". She tried to raise her head up to say, "don't you wake him". I replied, "I won't wake him, but if he is awake I'll invite him".
After a quick pee stop, I woke Ken in the guest room and asked him to come join us in the bedroom. We headed back to our bedroom.
Stepping into the bedroom, I got onto the bed beside her. I had a quick suck on one of her nipples before moving up and kissing her hard on the lips as I ran my hands over her. I fingered her to get her aroused. When I broke the kiss, I turned my head and Ken was there.

My wife let out a little “oh no” (not so loud) and looked at the ceiling, I leaned back in and kissed her again and during that kiss felt a jolt that indicated she felt Ken's hand touch her. I moved my mouth down and took her right nipple back into my mouth as I lay at her side giving Ken good access to her body. I felt the bed move slightly as he climbed onto the bed with us, his hands snaking up her body as she lay spread-eagle beneath him. Cupping her other breast, then moving up to join me as we both sucked on her nipples. I looked up, she was gasping slightly, but not looking at us or saying anything. I moved out a little and Ken cupped the now vacated breast and took a taste of it too. He gently caressed her body.

She arched here head and back, her eyes were open, and she was breathing heavily as I took her hand again. He took a look at her and pushed forward, my wife’s head jerked a bit and while I could not see, I knew from her reaction he had entered her. He kissed her neck. A few gentle strokes later he asked her softly "are you OK with this?" (Smooth!). He asked her after he had entered her. There was not much she could do or say now that his dick was deep inside her. She nodded almost imperceptibly, but certainly not saying no. Ken took that as a yes and started to fuck her with slow, strong measured strokes at first before building up the pace. I leaned in and kissed her hard again, feeling her respond and reacting to the good solid fucking Ken was now giving her.

I loved her reaction intensely as I squeezed her hand and partly embraced her. Feeling him fuck her as we kissed was awesome. I stepped back to enjoy the sight and to give Ken some space. He was clearly enjoying fucking my wife and she seemed to have accepted it and was enjoying it too. He continued to fuck her passionately until she climaxed and he came deep inside her.
I took a turn after that. She felt wonderful. I had never experienced her being so turned on as Ken and I made her feel that night. We took turns fucking her during the rest of the night. It was heavenly for everyone.
Since then we have enjoyed 3-somes both as part of a host couple and also joining other couples. While I enjoyed sharing her and watching and hearing her fuck others, I would not consider my self cuckold; I was a lucky man with a hot wife who liked to share good things!

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Thread About Men Cumming Inside a Wife

From: https://www.fabswingers.com/forum/

Hi guys,

We would love to hear stories of men cumming inside another man's woman. All points of view would be awesome!

-- To the men: what's it like seeing a man cum inside your woman?
-- To the women: what's it like feeling another man cum inside you?

-- To the second male: what's it like cumming inside another man's woman?

I love the feeling of filling up another man’s woman. I have only done this with a long standing couple. It made me feel like I was giving them both something extra and it added a new dimension to the relationship.

Paul loves my pussy well fucked and full of cum.

My hubby loves my used pussy.

I love doing it! Especially with hubby there to clean us both up after.

I once met a couple from Warwickshire, which lasted for around 2 years. Lee got so turned on watching me cum inside his wife, when I withdrew, Michelle always had a wicked smile on her face, and I would part her legs so Lee could see my white cum oozing out of her puffy pussy. Lee then wanted me to meet Michelle on my own. Michelle was more cautious, obviously, but on a few occasions when we did, I drenched her pussy in cum, she would then quickly pull up her panties with cum soaking them. I would then take her back to Lee, who would be waiting for his cum-filled wife. Michelle loved Lee’s delight at his wife’s panties and pussy drenched in my cum. I would then just watch as Michelle took Lee’s cock, lubricated by my cum. Chatting later, we all agreed that it was an amazing feeling for all three of us. Sorry for being so long in explaining.

I’ve done this and it is amazing if you have full trust in the couple because of the obvious health risks. But when happy with a couple, it’s a good feeling the first time you tell her and hubby that you’re not pulling out and going to fill her up instead. Even better when you get the cuck to go down on his wife afterwards.

I do this regularly with a cuck couple. The first time we met, I wore a rubber. Then as I got to know them, I went bareback. Hubby loved me filling his wife. Now I take her on her own. She has stopped having sex with her hubby. I take her to my place, fill her and send her home happy to hubby. Then I receive a txt thanking me from hubby.

My ex was engaged for the first four months of our relationship. I used to love sending her home full.
Dropping her off knowing my cum would be oozing out of her, running into her panties and down her legs.

I love seeing a guy's face as he cums deep inside K.

Wish I could put it into words, but the thought of my wife with another man drives me wild for days.

Used to love doing this with my ex gf! Sharing her in MMF 3-somes and very often! Not everyone's cup of tea, I know, but thoroughly enjoyed sharing and filling her up bare back!

Also enjoy being the other man and filling up another guy’s wife.

Watching the moment she feels the other guy cum is an exquisite rush. And the moment of sliding my cock into her very wet pussy is super horny for both of us.

Sounds like such a hot scenario to see the look in her eyes as another guy enters her. To see her expressions and reactions to the feel of another man, leading to an explosive climax for them both.
Earlier this year Dee and I were at a wedding feeling really horny so I set up a meet there and then and took her to a stranger’s house. Once there, after a very short intro, she knelt down over the settee and I pulled her panties down to her thighs and told the guy to mount her. We took turns fucking her from behind then flipped her over. He was really turned on and pounded her hard with her legs over his shoulders. They were so carried away, he just shot his load right into her instead of pulling out. When he pulled his cock out, his cum was running out of her pussy. I just slid mine right in. It felt incredible and I took seconds to add my cum. When I pulled out, she was on the stranger’s settee, legs spread with cum running out of her. We wouldn't normally do something so risky but God it was horny. We still get really turned on thinking about it.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Extreme Cuckoldry

Examples taken from: http://incidentalhotwife.blogspot.ca/?zx=2ef772187c2d5f06

On a night when the Bull is staying over at the couple's home and sleeping in the guest room, before everyone turns in, the wife and Bull arrange a predetermined time for the Bull to slip into the marital bed. He should be free to crawl between the wife's legs and fuck her right beside hubby, waking him up. An alternative would be for the wife to sneak to the guest room for the same action, and then either return to her sleeping cuckold, or finish the night sleeping with the Bull.

Have the cuckold drive the wife to the Bull's house for sex. Then make him wait in the Bull’s living room while the wife is taken to the bedroom to get fucked. The cuckold should be summoned to the bedroom between fucks for a round of cleanup and a dose of humiliation.

Have the cuckold contact the Bull and request that he come over to fuck the wife. Make him admit that only the Bull can give the wife the sex she deserves. In this situation it's expected that the wife and Bull will berate the cuckold during sex, pointing out the Bull's larger endowment and superior skills in bed, with plenty of talk about the wife preferring the Bull over the cuckold. Afterward have the cuckold thank the Bull for coming over and fucking the wife.

The wife and Bull surprise the cuckold as he returns home from work, unexpectedly finding the Bull in his bed and fucking his wife when he walks in. For maximum humiliation it's important that the wife is unapologetic and gives all appearances of enjoying any discomfort this may cause her cuckold.

Have the cuckold lay against the headboard of the bed, with his wife leaning against him or laying on him, so that he can feel the power of the Bull's thrusts while she's being fucked. Have the cuckold and wife look into each other’s eyes while doing this. A variation is to get into a position where the cuckold and wife can kiss intimately while she’s being fucked, so the cuckold can feel her breaths while being pounded, and when she and the Bull cum.

The wife and Bull should both insist that the cuckold perform cuckold cleanup duties immediately after the Bull finishes. They should both be dominant and demanding about this task, and lightly humiliate the cuckold while he does this. The wife can say things like "Clean up his mess", "Lick up the cum from a real cock", "That's what a real man tastes like", etc. The Bull can tell him to "Eat my cum", "Clean her up so I can fuck her again", "Get it all before she gets pregnant". Comments like this are highly arousing to the cuckold. The Bull might also want to push the cuckold's head into his wife's pussy as he prepares to do this, or the wife may want to "pull" his head into her crotch as she demands his cleanup service.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Being a Good Bull 101

From: http://lifeasabull.blogspot.com/2013/08/give-them-what-she-needs.html

A survey of 43 couples in the Hotwife-cuckold lifestyle revealed that 74% of them chose to explore the lifestyle in order to “spice up” their marriage. Most were married >10 years and had found their intimate lives had fallen into that proverbial rut. That’s why they reached out to you. You’re the rut-breaker.

Armed with this knowledge, you should exploit it. They’ve undoubtedly discussed any number of fantasies that revolve around you, the Bull. Talk to them. Pry for those details. Encourage them to be candid.

Talk with them together at first. It’s then important to try and talk with each of them separately if possible, as you will probably get different views and perspectives from each of them with their spouse out of earshot. After you get their ideas and opinions you should begin to incorporate them into your plans.  You’re in a three-way relationship, and all three of you need different things out of it. A smart bull learns what that is, and he delivers.

However, never forget that you’re also there to spice things up. That means introducing things that the couple may not have anticipated. Take their ideas and desires, and build on them. Mix them with your own ideas and needs.

But most importantly, be different.

When they're together they make love. When you’re with her, make it all about the sex. Be demanding and assertive. Be forceful with her, pull her hair, slap her ass and pound her roughly. Don’t hesitate to treat her like your slut. Believe it or not, that's exactly what she needs.

If she can play alone, have her over to your place and have a friend stop by unannounced. Then force her to suck him off. Tie her to your bed and use her until the early hours of the morning, long after she was expected home (ignoring all calls & texts from hubby).

One night when you visit them walk in their front door, push her to her knees and have her suck you off in front of her husband.

Have her flash truckers. Take her to a strip club.

Take her out for a drink, screw her in the car and drop her off at home dripping wet and used.

Be aggressive. Be spontaneous. Be different.

Be what her husband isn’t. They expect that. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Fantasy Your Wife Is Begging You To Try

From: https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8685620778947578794#editor/target=post;postID=429685970777728891

What is a cuckold fantasy and how can it help spice things up in your marriage?
How would you feel if a friend of yours went to your house and approached your wife, who happens to be lying on the couch wearing her skimpiest shorts without panties? Your friend is more muscular than you and his big package is bulging against his pants. Your wife notices this and gets instantly aroused, asking you if you want this guy to screw her brains out. All you can do is nod and take a seat while watching another man ravage your wife.
Most guys have this kind of sexual fantasy. It is one of the most searched genre on porn sites: the "cuckold" fetish. But, why is that a lot of guys find this situation arousing, rather than disappointing? Here's the answer why.
The Cause of this Fantasy
Research shows that cuckold fantasies have several motivations and factors that trigger it, such as social and cultural norms. Due to the fact that it's considered to be a taboo, a lot of people are intrigued about the idea, wondering what it'll feel like to be involved. Likewise, the Internet has been an instrument where people can easily watch these fantasies come to life, allowing them to be more eager in exploring the fantasy and trying it. Believe it or not, many couples are involved in a cuckold relationship.
Impregnation and Breeding

In a cuckold fetish, impregnation is the term used to imply a certain level of submission. Back then, breeding was commonly used to refer to animals reproducing, but in cuckold it's considered to be the submissive nature of the wife who has been owned by another person that's not her husband. In this circumstance, the husband usually accepts and supports this modification to their marriage.
For couples who choose to offer their partner the ultimate intimacy, there will be anticipation, planning, and a ceremony for it. Oftentimes, the process can be very erotic and pleasurable for both the couple and the Dom.
Sex with Several Men

There are couples who allow their partners to have sex with multiple men so the father will remain anonymous. This can be quite risky, as being aware of who the father is can be important on several levels. Some couples are open to the idea of allowing nature to take control and let the semen of both lover and husband compete for the wife's womb. On the other hand, for those who are dedicated to this fetish, they will purposely limit the cuckold's access to intercourse while the partner is fertile to ensure that the woman will only carry the lover's child.
Many heterosexual, married men have this fantasy running in their minds at a certain point of their lives. Meaning, they find the prospect of watching their wives have sex with other guys to be sexually arousing. Thus, this is where the term "cuckold" originated. It literally means a man whose wife is cheating on him and he's fully aware of it.
Having this kind of fantasy isn't unhealthy at all, but should be treated carefully. If you bring another person into your bed, it could affect your sex life and marriage either positively or negatively.

I Want A Cuckold Marriage With My Wife

From: http://www.yourtango.com/experts/kamela-dolinova/i-want-watch-my-wife-another-man

Cuckolding fantasy is on the rise. What is it, where does it come from, and should you do it?
Almost every time I'm doing online or phone counseling, I run across a man looking for advice whose first question looks something like this:
"I want to see my wife with another man. Is there something wrong with me?"
Many people have probably heard of swinging — the idea of a couple sexually interacting with other couples (usually), in a friendly or party context without deep emotional ties. But a very specific form of it is gaining in popularity: the man who specifically wants to watch his wife with another man.
The fantasy genre is called "cuckolding," after a very old English term originally borrowed from the French, for a man whose wife is unfaithful. In modern terms, cuckold fetish involves a man getting stimulation from the idea or sight of his wife being with another man, and sometimes feeling humiliated by the perceived superiority of the other man. This last part isn't always present, though: sometimes it's about competition, or even a secret desire on the husband's part for another man.
Competition: Sperm Smackdown
If you read any evolutionary biology, or especially Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha's wonderful book, Sex At Dawn, then you'll know about a phenomenon called sperm competition. The long and short of it — so to speak — is that when our species was more tribal in our hunter/gatherer days, women would sleep with a multitude of men. As the mechanism of impregnation was poorly understood, knowing who the father was was less important. In some cultures, there was even the notion that a child could have multiple fathers, and qualities of each man a woman slept with would appear in the child. All of this is acted out in miniature in the form of sperm competition. When there's sperm from more than one man inside a woman, they will compete to reach the egg first. Evolutionarily, then, men adapted to compete for women's attention, though over time, this evolved culturally into other, more sublimated competitions, like sports. 
For some men, then, seeing their wives with another woman is just about the testosterone spike they get when "their woman" isn't really theirs. For a lot of men, this is a major turn-on, and can help their sexual performance. Think about how much hotter men tend to be early in relationships, when things are less certain. Now think about how they can often cool down once they're married, and their wife is a "sure thing." Some men may respond to this by looking at — or sleeping with — other women. But others can re-stoke the fires by having their wives take other lovers — and afterward, taking back what's "theirs."
Humiliation: The Pleasure of Pain
For some men, humiliation is the draw.  It's especially important to these men that the other man in question be bigger, stronger, have a bigger penis, and so on.  For these men, watching their wives with this "better man" makes them feel inadequate, unwanted, and strangely, aroused. 
This relates back to other forms of BDSM, and can be considered a type of submission: the man gets off on feeling inferior, and on being in the presence of a rawer, more powerful sexuality. There may also be an element of pride present: the man, who feels unworthy, nonetheless has a beautiful, desirable wife who other men are happy to have vigorous sex with.
This form of cuckolding can be emotionally dangerous, for obvious reasons: the woman may indeed grow to like the other man better, the husband may find the fantasy has gone too far, and once a couple goes down this road, they can't ever go back to where they were. So if this fantasy is of interest to you, approach cautiously, and contact someone who can help you determine whether your relationship is strong enough to survive it.
The Closet: Desiring Another Man
In a few cases, a man's desire to see his wife with another man has to do with his buried desire to see the other man himself. This doesn't necessarily mean he's gay; he may be bisexual, or even, to use a more recent term, heteroflexible. Being able to watch another man get naked and have sex may be a long-standing fantasy, and having the other man have sex with his wife may be a way of substituting his wife for himself. After all, such a husband figures, I'm giving my wife pleasure and myself pleasure into the bargain. This also likely feels a lot safer to the man than actually having sex with a man would, and allows him to indulge his homoerotic desires in a way that involves his wife.
If you're one of these men, don't worry too much. Most people are not a perfect Kinsey 0 or 6; that is, most people are at least a little bit bisexual. And sexual curiosity about your own gender is natural, even if you never pursue it completely: it's a part of looking at our own selves and finding them beautiful and desirable. 
It may help, though, to be honest about it if you're going to ask your wife to do this. She may be excited about the prospect, but she may also be suspicious if you say something like, "I just want you to be happy." Just as men are often aroused by seeing two women together, some women like to see two men together, and if your wife is open-minded enough to cuckold you, she's probably open-minded enough to accept that you might find watching another man sexy.

So What Do I Do Now?
If you think you have these desires, talk to your wife about it. Pick a time when you're relaxed and happy together: right after sex, or over wine in the evening. If you present it like a fantasy at first, she may be more easily responsive: it'll be easy to see whether she's open to it or not. Once you gauge her interest, be bold and raise it as a real possibility. As with so many fantasies and desires, open communication is the best policy.

What It’s Like to be a Hotwife?

From:  http://www.affairhandbook.com/index.php/hotwife-right-choice-for-you/

The thought of a man having his wife sleep with someone else can make his blood boil. Yet allowing, and even encouraging one’s wife to sleep with other men is quickly becoming one of the most popular fantasies out there.
This growing trend is what is known as having a ‘hotwife’. The term itself is pretty self-explanatory, in that a husband finds his wife attractive and gets off on the idea of other men not only flirting with her, but sleeping with her as well.
Obviously this is not going to appeal to all men. And even for those men who it does appeal to, they should not be so quick to let their wife run wild.
If this does sound appealing to you, it’s something you’re going to need to think about and ultimately discuss with your spouse. Here are a few things to consider before you can truly know whether or not having a hotwife is the right choice for you:

Do you get jealous?
What happens when you catch another man staring lustfully at your woman. Do you become filled with rage and even start a confrontation? Or do you smile at the fact that other men think your wife is sexy?

If it is the former, don’t even think about having a hotwife. If the mere concept of a man checking your wife out is going to but you over the edge, then having another man sleep with her will not bode well for you.

Are you both sexually satisfied?
Many men and women may consider taking up the hotwife lifestyle because the misses is not getting everything she needs in the bedroom. Seeking out another male to take care of her needs occasionally may seem like a simple solution, but it may not be a great idea.

This really touches upon the previous point of jealousy. Allowing your wife or girlfriend to sleep with other men to give her what she desires frames you as a man who can’t fulfill her needs. Hotwifing is done best when both parties are satisfied in the bedroom, but want to spice things up a bit.
But maybe for one reason or another, there is just no way that you alone can keep her satisfied. At this point, you may want to look at your relationship as a whole. If you two find that everything is fine outside the bedroom, and hotwifing may be a solution, then go ahead and consider it.

What turns you on about hotwifing?
The reasons for all the different sexual fantasies out there cannot be explained, nor should they be judged. However, it is a good idea to sit down and think about what really turns you on, especially when it comes to the hotwife lifestyle.

One reason many men enjoy the idea of their wife sleeping with other men is that it gives them validation in several ways. One such way is that if a man finds his attraction to his significant other fading, he rationalizes that seeing her with other men will rekindle his attraction for her. Another way men get validation from having a hotwife is because they get satisfaction knowing that they have a wife who is lusted after by other men.
Again, your kinks are yours to have and should be free of judgment. However, it is not wise to engage in this lifestyle and to drag you and your partner into it for the wrong reasons.
Hotwifing best serves men who are aroused by watching their wife with other men for voyeuristic purposes. It is also for those who are aroused by the thought of infidelity and are able to explore it in a safe and controlled environment. If your reason for engaging in hotwifing does not fall in, or close to one of the aforementioned reasons then you may want to reconsider this lifestyle.

Is there room for one (or many) more?
If you want to turn your wife into a ‘hotwife’ then you’re going to need to have a discussion and plan for how this is all going to pan out. For example, do you two want to find a consistent lover for her or just a string of one night stands?
If you two want to find her a third man, how will this man play into your relationship?

Obviously, he will be sleeping with her often which brings up the dilemma of whose sexual needs take precedent. It also brings to light the fact that this man may be exposed to family members or friends. If so, how will he be introduced and continuously brought around?

On the other hand, having multiple one night stands brings up the possibility of STD’s and unplanned pregnancies. Also, seeking out new men on a regular basis may become an issue.
There are many other questions and ideas that men need to consider and discuss with their wives before entering into this lifestyle. They should all be thoroughly deliberated on, but once they are things can finally move forward.