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Being a Good Bull 101


A survey of 43 couples in the Hotwife-cuckold lifestyle revealed that 74% of them chose to explore the lifestyle in order to “spice up” their marriage. Most were married >10 years and had found their intimate lives had fallen into that proverbial rut. That’s why they reached out to you. You’re the rut-breaker.

Armed with this knowledge, you should exploit it. They’ve undoubtedly discussed any number of fantasies that revolve around you, the Bull. Talk to them. Pry for those details. Encourage them to be candid.

Talk with them together at first. It’s then important to try and talk with each of them separately if possible, as you will probably get different views and perspectives from each of them with their spouse out of earshot. After you get their ideas and opinions you should begin to incorporate them into your plans.  You’re in a three-way relationship, and all three of you need different things out of it. A smart bull learns what that is, and he delivers.

However, never forget that you’re also there to spice things up. That means introducing things that the couple may not have anticipated. Take their ideas and desires, and build on them. Mix them with your own ideas and needs.

But most importantly, be different.

When they're together they make love. When you’re with her, make it all about the sex. Be demanding and assertive. Be forceful with her, pull her hair, slap her ass and pound her roughly. Don’t hesitate to treat her like your slut. Believe it or not, that's exactly what she needs.

If she can play alone, have her over to your place and have a friend stop by unannounced. Then force her to suck him off. Tie her to your bed and use her until the early hours of the morning, long after she was expected home (ignoring all calls & texts from hubby).

One night when you visit them walk in their front door, push her to her knees and have her suck you off in front of her husband.

Have her flash truckers. Take her to a strip club.

Take her out for a drink, screw her in the car and drop her off at home dripping wet and used.

Be aggressive. Be spontaneous. Be different.

Be what her husband isn’t. They expect that. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Fantasy Your Wife Is Begging You To Try


What is a cuckold fantasy and how can it help spice things up in your marriage?
How would you feel if a friend of yours went to your house and approached your wife, who happens to be lying on the couch wearing her skimpiest shorts without panties? Your friend is more muscular than you and his big package is bulging against his pants. Your wife notices this and gets instantly aroused, asking you if you want this guy to screw her brains out. All you can do is nod and take a seat while watching another man ravage your wife.
Most guys have this kind of sexual fantasy. It is one of the most searched genre on porn sites: the "cuckold" fetish. But, why is that a lot of guys find this situation arousing, rather than disappointing? Here's the answer why.
The Cause of this Fantasy
Research shows that cuckold fantasies have several motivations and factors that trigger it, such as social and cultural norms. Due to the fact that it's considered to be a taboo, a lot of people are intrigued about the idea, wondering what it'll feel like to be involved. Likewise, the Internet has been an instrument where people can easily watch these fantasies come to life, allowing them to be more eager in exploring the fantasy and trying it. Believe it or not, many couples are involved in a cuckold relationship.
Impregnation and Breeding

In a cuckold fetish, impregnation is the term used to imply a certain level of submission. Back then, breeding was commonly used to refer to animals reproducing, but in cuckold it's considered to be the submissive nature of the wife who has been owned by another person that's not her husband. In this circumstance, the husband usually accepts and supports this modification to their marriage.
For couples who choose to offer their partner the ultimate intimacy, there will be anticipation, planning, and a ceremony for it. Oftentimes, the process can be very erotic and pleasurable for both the couple and the Dom.
Sex with Several Men

There are couples who allow their partners to have sex with multiple men so the father will remain anonymous. This can be quite risky, as being aware of who the father is can be important on several levels. Some couples are open to the idea of allowing nature to take control and let the semen of both lover and husband compete for the wife's womb. On the other hand, for those who are dedicated to this fetish, they will purposely limit the cuckold's access to intercourse while the partner is fertile to ensure that the woman will only carry the lover's child.
Many heterosexual, married men have this fantasy running in their minds at a certain point of their lives. Meaning, they find the prospect of watching their wives have sex with other guys to be sexually arousing. Thus, this is where the term "cuckold" originated. It literally means a man whose wife is cheating on him and he's fully aware of it.
Having this kind of fantasy isn't unhealthy at all, but should be treated carefully. If you bring another person into your bed, it could affect your sex life and marriage either positively or negatively.

I Want A Cuckold Marriage With My Wife


Cuckolding fantasy is on the rise. What is it, where does it come from, and should you do it?
Almost every time I'm doing online or phone counseling, I run across a man looking for advice whose first question looks something like this:
"I want to see my wife with another man. Is there something wrong with me?"
Many people have probably heard of swinging — the idea of a couple sexually interacting with other couples (usually), in a friendly or party context without deep emotional ties. But a very specific form of it is gaining in popularity: the man who specifically wants to watch his wife with another man.
The fantasy genre is called "cuckolding," after a very old English term originally borrowed from the French, for a man whose wife is unfaithful. In modern terms, cuckold fetish involves a man getting stimulation from the idea or sight of his wife being with another man, and sometimes feeling humiliated by the perceived superiority of the other man. This last part isn't always present, though: sometimes it's about competition, or even a secret desire on the husband's part for another man.
Competition: Sperm Smackdown
If you read any evolutionary biology, or especially Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha's wonderful book, Sex At Dawn, then you'll know about a phenomenon called sperm competition. The long and short of it — so to speak — is that when our species was more tribal in our hunter/gatherer days, women would sleep with a multitude of men. As the mechanism of impregnation was poorly understood, knowing who the father was was less important. In some cultures, there was even the notion that a child could have multiple fathers, and qualities of each man a woman slept with would appear in the child. All of this is acted out in miniature in the form of sperm competition. When there's sperm from more than one man inside a woman, they will compete to reach the egg first. Evolutionarily, then, men adapted to compete for women's attention, though over time, this evolved culturally into other, more sublimated competitions, like sports. 
For some men, then, seeing their wives with another woman is just about the testosterone spike they get when "their woman" isn't really theirs. For a lot of men, this is a major turn-on, and can help their sexual performance. Think about how much hotter men tend to be early in relationships, when things are less certain. Now think about how they can often cool down once they're married, and their wife is a "sure thing." Some men may respond to this by looking at — or sleeping with — other women. But others can re-stoke the fires by having their wives take other lovers — and afterward, taking back what's "theirs."
Humiliation: The Pleasure of Pain
For some men, humiliation is the draw.  It's especially important to these men that the other man in question be bigger, stronger, have a bigger penis, and so on.  For these men, watching their wives with this "better man" makes them feel inadequate, unwanted, and strangely, aroused. 
This relates back to other forms of BDSM, and can be considered a type of submission: the man gets off on feeling inferior, and on being in the presence of a rawer, more powerful sexuality. There may also be an element of pride present: the man, who feels unworthy, nonetheless has a beautiful, desirable wife who other men are happy to have vigorous sex with.
This form of cuckolding can be emotionally dangerous, for obvious reasons: the woman may indeed grow to like the other man better, the husband may find the fantasy has gone too far, and once a couple goes down this road, they can't ever go back to where they were. So if this fantasy is of interest to you, approach cautiously, and contact someone who can help you determine whether your relationship is strong enough to survive it.
The Closet: Desiring Another Man
In a few cases, a man's desire to see his wife with another man has to do with his buried desire to see the other man himself. This doesn't necessarily mean he's gay; he may be bisexual, or even, to use a more recent term, heteroflexible. Being able to watch another man get naked and have sex may be a long-standing fantasy, and having the other man have sex with his wife may be a way of substituting his wife for himself. After all, such a husband figures, I'm giving my wife pleasure and myself pleasure into the bargain. This also likely feels a lot safer to the man than actually having sex with a man would, and allows him to indulge his homoerotic desires in a way that involves his wife.
If you're one of these men, don't worry too much. Most people are not a perfect Kinsey 0 or 6; that is, most people are at least a little bit bisexual. And sexual curiosity about your own gender is natural, even if you never pursue it completely: it's a part of looking at our own selves and finding them beautiful and desirable. 
It may help, though, to be honest about it if you're going to ask your wife to do this. She may be excited about the prospect, but she may also be suspicious if you say something like, "I just want you to be happy." Just as men are often aroused by seeing two women together, some women like to see two men together, and if your wife is open-minded enough to cuckold you, she's probably open-minded enough to accept that you might find watching another man sexy.

So What Do I Do Now?
If you think you have these desires, talk to your wife about it. Pick a time when you're relaxed and happy together: right after sex, or over wine in the evening. If you present it like a fantasy at first, she may be more easily responsive: it'll be easy to see whether she's open to it or not. Once you gauge her interest, be bold and raise it as a real possibility. As with so many fantasies and desires, open communication is the best policy.

What It’s Like to be a Hotwife?


The thought of a man having his wife sleep with someone else can make his blood boil. Yet allowing, and even encouraging one’s wife to sleep with other men is quickly becoming one of the most popular fantasies out there.
This growing trend is what is known as having a ‘hotwife’. The term itself is pretty self-explanatory, in that a husband finds his wife attractive and gets off on the idea of other men not only flirting with her, but sleeping with her as well.
Obviously this is not going to appeal to all men. And even for those men who it does appeal to, they should not be so quick to let their wife run wild.
If this does sound appealing to you, it’s something you’re going to need to think about and ultimately discuss with your spouse. Here are a few things to consider before you can truly know whether or not having a hotwife is the right choice for you:

Do you get jealous?
What happens when you catch another man staring lustfully at your woman. Do you become filled with rage and even start a confrontation? Or do you smile at the fact that other men think your wife is sexy?

If it is the former, don’t even think about having a hotwife. If the mere concept of a man checking your wife out is going to but you over the edge, then having another man sleep with her will not bode well for you.

Are you both sexually satisfied?
Many men and women may consider taking up the hotwife lifestyle because the misses is not getting everything she needs in the bedroom. Seeking out another male to take care of her needs occasionally may seem like a simple solution, but it may not be a great idea.

This really touches upon the previous point of jealousy. Allowing your wife or girlfriend to sleep with other men to give her what she desires frames you as a man who can’t fulfill her needs. Hotwifing is done best when both parties are satisfied in the bedroom, but want to spice things up a bit.
But maybe for one reason or another, there is just no way that you alone can keep her satisfied. At this point, you may want to look at your relationship as a whole. If you two find that everything is fine outside the bedroom, and hotwifing may be a solution, then go ahead and consider it.

What turns you on about hotwifing?
The reasons for all the different sexual fantasies out there cannot be explained, nor should they be judged. However, it is a good idea to sit down and think about what really turns you on, especially when it comes to the hotwife lifestyle.

One reason many men enjoy the idea of their wife sleeping with other men is that it gives them validation in several ways. One such way is that if a man finds his attraction to his significant other fading, he rationalizes that seeing her with other men will rekindle his attraction for her. Another way men get validation from having a hotwife is because they get satisfaction knowing that they have a wife who is lusted after by other men.
Again, your kinks are yours to have and should be free of judgment. However, it is not wise to engage in this lifestyle and to drag you and your partner into it for the wrong reasons.
Hotwifing best serves men who are aroused by watching their wife with other men for voyeuristic purposes. It is also for those who are aroused by the thought of infidelity and are able to explore it in a safe and controlled environment. If your reason for engaging in hotwifing does not fall in, or close to one of the aforementioned reasons then you may want to reconsider this lifestyle.

Is there room for one (or many) more?
If you want to turn your wife into a ‘hotwife’ then you’re going to need to have a discussion and plan for how this is all going to pan out. For example, do you two want to find a consistent lover for her or just a string of one night stands?
If you two want to find her a third man, how will this man play into your relationship?

Obviously, he will be sleeping with her often which brings up the dilemma of whose sexual needs take precedent. It also brings to light the fact that this man may be exposed to family members or friends. If so, how will he be introduced and continuously brought around?

On the other hand, having multiple one night stands brings up the possibility of STD’s and unplanned pregnancies. Also, seeking out new men on a regular basis may become an issue.
There are many other questions and ideas that men need to consider and discuss with their wives before entering into this lifestyle. They should all be thoroughly deliberated on, but once they are things can finally move forward.

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Cuckold Marriages - the Science


The Science of Cuckold Marriages

By sex therapist & relationships counselor Susan Gower

After studying human sexuality for many years it has become inarguable to me that a cuckold relationship (in which the wife engages in sexual activity with a variety of men while her husband remains faithful) is most compatible with basic human evolutionary make up. It is straying from this evolutionarily grounded human bonding relationship that has produced such misunderstandings and conflict between the sexes.

At the very base of this principle is the understanding of a woman’s psychological need for a variety of sex partners. Women are literally hardwired differently than men. A woman has a dual sex drive. The first is centered on finding a mate for life to help support her and her offspring. This is why (and when) love is such an important part of a women’s sexual desire.

The second is a desire to obtain a variety of the best genetic material to produce the healthiest children. This second desire becomes stronger once a woman has secured her life mate, and grows stronger as time with him progresses. Eventually, this more powerful drive exceeds her sexual desire for her life mate. This is essentially why a woman’s sexual desire for her husband is well known to diminish over time.  At the same, it is normal for her to feel a subtle but very real increase in her sexual desire for other men.

With the creation of a stable home environment in which to raise her children, there is a clear physiological shift toward a woman’s desire to mate with the best man (or men) available to her, for their contribution of superior genetic material.  This natural fact does not make her immoral, or mean that she no longer loves her husband. It is simply part of her basic genetic code.

Contrary to societal contrivances to the contrary, these physiological sexual differences between men and women also seem to support the cuckold relationship as one ideal for a marital relationship. It is well known that women don’t reach her sexual peak until they are in their thirties, while men peak by the time they are twenty. In a typical marriage, a wife is generally younger than her husband or the same age. As a result, a woman’s increasing sexual appetite, due to her biological age, creates stronger sexual drives than her husband.  As a marriage continues through the years, this discrepancy in sexual drives typically increases, sometimes to the point of a wife finding little or no sexual satisfaction with her husband, and secretly turning to extramarital encounters.

Nature reinforces this physical need by providing women with the ability to experience a far greater quantity, intensity, and variety of sexual orgasms than men. This is nature’s way of motivating a woman to seek out sexual activity, even at the risk of being caught by her life mate.  Women experience a diversity of orgasms, including clitoral and vaginal.  Additionally, women have the ability for multiple orgasms.  While this simple pleasure is often recognized as the result of efforts by the woman's partner, it has been theorized that this trait actually is a natural function designed to allow a woman to participate and enjoy sex with multiple partners over a short period of time. 

On the other hand, men are far simpler sexually. His sex drive grows will simply grow stronger the longer he goes without sex, with a singular, simplistic orgasm resulting.  Since he needs a consenting female in order to engage in sex, his desire for her sexually is directly linked to this need for her to consent.  Over time his need for sexual release can become overwhelming, and his desire to gain her consent by pleasing her increases proportionally to his level of sexual frustration.  He is content mating with any female he finds desirable, and is perfectly capable of being content with having sex with the same female for life, providing certain motivations are provided.

Furthermore, men can get nearly the same level of satisfaction from masturbating or oral sex as the do completing a sex act with a woman.  For women however, masturbation and oral sex provide only temporary relief.  Women do require sex with a partner in order to be fully satisfied, both psychologically and physically.

There have been numerous clinical studies documenting positive emotional responses to the presence of male sperm in the female vagina.  Theory suggests that certain hormones contained in the seminal deposit illicit both physical and emotional changes in a woman's own hormone levels.  While not completely understood, these studies do support the theory that a woman's most satisfying sexual experiences result from intercourse with a male, resulting in his ejaculation.

One might think that these conditions present arguments for an open marriage in which both a wife and her husband find sexual partners outside their marriage.  But the idea of open marriage assumes the erroneous notion that men require a variety of sex partners, and that women are tolerant of their men mating with others. However, neither assumption is typical.

While the evidence clearly suggests that a married woman is instinctively inclined to seek sexual partner(s) other than her long term mate in order to procreate with males carrying the best genetic material, a man has a sexual drive that is easily manipulated.

The genetic programming that drives a man is largely based on the thrill of pursuit, not the need for variety.  Men are designed to compete.  They compete in every aspect of life.  Not only do they compete in their workplace, but they compete even in their hobbies.  It's hardly incidental that men enjoy watching or participating in sporting events.

Most importantly though, men compete for their female.  Husbands who’s desire for their wives have waned over time, or even shifted to other women, can be completely reversed with one simple change – the introduction of a competing male vying for their wife's attention.

In study after study, married men responded consistently when exposed to stimuli that include another man's attention to the wife.  This trigger awakens their instincts to compete and they literally rise to the occasion.  Their focus reverts solely back to their wives, and they lose interest in other women.  The wives in some studies were able to deliberately vary their husband’s level of interest through increasing or decreasing their interaction with other men.

It was further found that when these same wives reverted back to traditional sexual practices with their husbands, their husbands began to lose interest and once again showed interest in other women as possible sex partners.  The mere possibility of competing for her with another man consistently and predictably reinvigorates his desire in a man.  Common belief holds that men are born to cheat.  However, these studies clearly show that men are born to compete.

In one study (Hill, Leeson 2004), there is also a clear correlation between sexual desire and the absence of the woman from the relationship, supporting the age-old axiom that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  This pattern introduces a possible correlation between sexual denial and resultant arousal. An extended absence makes more than just the heart grow.  It dramatically increases the need of a male to mate with his partner.

The introduction of the possibility of the woman straying sexually during her absence invoked a much stronger response in the male, to the point that it totally altered his behavior. This study supports the belief that men can indeed become physically aroused by the mere possibility of their wife cheating on them in their absence, which is actually one of the cornerstones of the Cuckold lifestyle.

Once a husband feels these competitive forces awaken within him, he becomes singularly focused on pleasing his wife, and seeking her constant approval and sexual consent.  This is another simple concept that drives the Cuckold relationship.  Even in relationships where the couple may not recognize why it occurs, it usually doesn't take long for them to recognize how it can affect their intimate relationship.

A husband will readily and predictably respond to the threat of competition, whether real or imagined.  A wife can use that competition to help mold a sexual relationship that proves sexually satisfying for both of them, while insuring relationship stability and her husband's fidelity all at  the same time.

The involvement of another male into the relationship has additional benefit, other than the obvious sexual benefits to the wife and the resultant stability to the relationship. Some men expressed relief that their wife was being satisfied by another, being relieved of the pressure to perform as her primary sex partner.  The older the husband becomes, the more this motivation is mentioned.

Our modern morals and the roles imposed both sexes by society are not only aberrant behavior given our genetic makeup, but psychologically unhealthy. Marriage itself is an artificial construct that conflicts with natural human programming. It is unfair that a woman is forced to repress her natural sex drive which is genetically embedded over a millenia. Doing so places undue strain on what is viewed by society as the “traditional” marriage and surely contributes to the rate of marriage failures.  We've created a society in which women often struggle with guilt and frustration over their natural sexual needs.

Perhaps we need to consider embracing the Cuckold lifestyle as a healthy, natural relationship. Indeed, I believe that I may have saved marriages in my practice by gently introducing the idea and practice of cuckoldry to struggling couples. I have seen female patients rediscover a side of themselves they thought was lost, becoming more centered, calm and confident in both themselves and their marriage.

Similarly, once a husband gets past his initial concerns, they become calmer and more focused on the relationship.  Rather than seeking the temptation of satisfaction outside the marriage, the husband soon derives all of his sexual needs from and through his wife and her extramarital “adventures”.

Introducing the competitive aspect of another man into a Cuckold marriage, a woman can readily alter her husband's behavior back to the days when they were first dating.  Husbands become more focused on their wife, and maintain a higher state of arousal for her, and attention to her, once the possibility of another man enters the relationship.

Last, Cuckold marriages can evolve into a great variety of preferences. In my own practice I have seen them range from those in which cuckolding wives enjoy dating in private, to those who enjoy having sex with other men in front of her husband, and just about everything in between.  However, almost all the couples in my practice have very loving marriages with a playful sense of arousal that seem conventional in every way except that the wife sees other men, while her husband remains monogamous and faithful to her.

Cuck Takes Cock


You found a cuck couple. You’re enjoying the benefits of being a bull, regularly fucking another man’s wife. But you want more. You want to push yourself up the dominance ladder while pushing him down a rung or two. One way to do that is to get him to take your cock into his mouth.

To do so makes you more of a Bull, because dominance is the essence of being the Bull. You’re taking charge and asserting your dominance over them both, by demonstrating your dominance over him.

Remember: The more dominant you are over the husband, the more submissive the wife will be to you. This is key to the relationship! Women naturally gravitate toward the dominant male.

If you can persuade the husband to take your cock in his mouth in front of his wife then you’ll prove to her that you’re in charge. That’s worth gold in bedroom dollars!

Even if the cuck husband is totally straight and refuses, there's a way to make it happen, if you’re patient. Enjoy pushing him. There is a rush to be had from making someone do something they wouldn’t otherwise do. You must proceed slowly, over several encounters. Do NOT rush it.

You will learn to use the husband’s own lust to motivate him, then use sex to reward him. Also, the wife should be involved if possible. Try to recruit her to work together as a team. She may even offer him sexual satisfaction as incentive, if he will do as you and she want.

Do not use humiliation or the result will be resentment. Use positive feedback and encouragement. Get the wife to like the idea. If she gets into it and her husband knows it turns her on, he will be more willing.

Talk to the wife privately. I find the wife is usually most receptive to ‘experimenting’ when I have her in bed and sexual excitement is highest. If he’s present, you should send him out of the room to talk (most cucks will leave when told to do so).

When you have her alone, get her very aroused before bringing up the subject, usually either during foreplay or after just entering her. Ask her if she’s ever had any thoughts or fantasies about her husband sucking another cock. If she says yes, you’re off to a good start. If she says no, you need to ask her if she might think about it. She will of course ask “why”.

My response is to interject it playfully, almost like a fun game.  Try things like “Let’s see if we can get him to do it. What can it hurt?”.  DO NOT make it sound like you plan to force her husband to do something against his will. Many wives won’t agree to go along with that. So keep it light and playful, like a fun project to do together.

If she doesn’t go along at this point, DROP it. Don’t push it. Just move forward with the plan without her help. But assuming she does go along, then ask her if she would like to help you. If she’s aroused enough, she will probably say yes, even if the idea shocks her. This is the best way, because your scheme will strengthen the bond between the two of you. It gives you two a common goal, and without her realizing it, you’ve created a situation where it’s now the two of you against him.
A summary of how to do it. Each step is a separate sexual encounter or sex experience.
Night one: Have him go down on her before you fuck her. Have him guide your cock into her pussy using his hand.

Night two: Have him 69 with her while you fuck her.

Night three: Have him use his hands and some lube to get her pussy ready, and then use his hands to get your cock erect and ready.

Night four (last step): Back to a 69. Have him eat her pussy to get her ready, and then have him lick/suck the tip of your cock and then put it in her. Have him 69 with her while you fuck. Repeat this several times during the night (changing positions) and he will no longer resist sucking your cock.

Some details will help.

Make sure the husband is close to the action. If you normally fuck the wife alone, you will need to invite the husband to watch. Don’t let him sit in a chair across the room. Get him on the bed. Let him feel the mattress bounce and see the impact of your thrusts when you hammer his wife. He needs to smell the sex and feel connected to her.

Step #1: Go down on his wife to prepare her pussy for you, then use his hand to guide your cock into her opening. Each time you withdraw or change positions, have him use his hand to reinsert your cock into his wife.

Step #2: Up close and personal. He will make first contact with your dick, but in a non-threatening way. There are several positions for this, but my favorite is to have the wife in the ‘doggy’ position, with her husband underneath in the ‘69’ position. In this position he will be inches away, watching your dick penetrate his wife and sliding in and out of her pussy, sexually arousing him. It’s important that his wife suck his dick some to excite him, but not to the point of orgasm. You want to keep him aroused.

The wife should encourage him to lick her pussy as she sucks him. He will be so turned on that he’ll do it. Don’t worry if he avoids your dick. The idea is to get him used to putting his mouth in close proximity, and with all of the motion it will be inevitable that he will touch the underside of your shaft occasionally. Keep this up, until you get close to your orgasm.

All three of you should explode together if possible.  Afterward, he will probably pull away. That’s okay. His tongue has probably brushed the bottom of your shaft a few times and your balls have touched his face, but all in a non-threatening way. All he did was eat his wife’s pussy, which is very non-threatening.

Step #3. You and the wife lie side by side on the bed. Tell him to take a bottle of lube and get you both ready to fuck. He should kneel between her legs and lube her pussy with his hands and fingers. Then he must move over to you and use the lube on your cock to get you lubed up to fuck. If possible, try and be flaccid when he does this. If you’re already hard, he may try to slap a little lube on your shaft and call it done. That’s not what you want. If you’re flaccid, he will need to work to get you hard. That takes longer, and results in more exposure to your cock, which is the goal. During this night, if you fuck more than once, have him go down on the wife and lick her pussy between fucks, and then use the lube on you to get you hard again before fucking.

The next time is the final step. The goal this time is to make him take your cock in his mouth. It’s very important that he view the act as preparing you to pleasure his wife, NOT as him sucking your cock. Mentally that is VERY different. There are several positions that work equally well for this but doggy works best, again with him underneath.

Tell him to start licking her pussy to get her ready. Then after a few minutes push you cock against her slit and tell him to lick your cock and get it wet too. If he refuses, the wife needs to help reinforce what you want. She can tell him that she wants him to do that. She can ask him to “do it for her”, etc.  She could also suck his cock to encourage him.

If he is still hesitant, tell him to lick the tip of your cock one time or he will have to leave the room. He should agree to something that simple. Then start fucking his wife, inches away from his face. After a few minutes, pull out, push your cock toward his mouth again and tell him to taste his wife (that sounds better than suck my cock).

If he resists tell him that if he doesn’t do it, he’ll have to leave the room. If he’s aroused enough and gets sufficient encouragement he should open up and take your cock in his mouth.

Once that barrier has been broken, you can take it as far as you wish. I would stress that whatever you do, it’s important that you and the wife be on the same page. Read her body language to make sure she is comfortable with it (most wives get very turned on by it). If you both get off from her husband sucking your dick, then make sure she provides the right encouragement and support. After all, he loves her. If he knows it pleases her, then he will be more likely to do it. If it is a wild turn on for her, then he’ll go even further.

This technique gets totally straight cuckolds to suck on my cock before I fuck their wives. It’s all about demonstrating my dominance, and I LOVE the way that the wives react when they see that I can get their husband to do something they thought was impossible. If a woman watches me do that, then it makes her more likely to do anything I want, too.

It can be done if you’re smart, patient, plan your play, and play out your plan. With the right encouragement the right cuckold will do anything to see you fuck their wife. A smart bull uses that to his advantage!

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Advice for the Wannabee Stags and Hotwives

Tumblr: hotwivesandgames

If you are struggling just to have an open dialogue about hotwifing it is probably best to drop it and return to basics. All stag and hotwife relationships must be founded on a sense of enjoyment of just being in the others company, having fun with stuff away from sexuality and a good dose of romance. You will find it difficult to start if this is not right, and even if you do start, without this foundation it will not go right.  Be genuinely fun and romantic and you stand the best chance of getting this over the line, a very good chance and even if you don’t you will at least be having a fun and romantic time anyway. Don’t push it, which is unethical and disrespectful.  This fanstasy has been in your head for a long time, it is probably new or at least undeveloped for them so give them time. Everybody is entitled to move at their own pace so don’t begin with some of the most extreme stag and hotwife ideas rattling around in your head. That said you too are entitled to pursue your own fantasy and live it out, so here are four practical and hopefully fun things you can do to bring it to fruition.
1.      There is an excellent cartoon type book called ‘SEX is FUN’ available on amazon and all good book dealers. It contains a guide to how to ‘role play’ many sexual fantasies for all kinds of people. Right in the middle of the book is a hotwife scenario were couples can act out the fantasy in a very erotic but safe way. The great thing about this book is that it contains so many other sexual fantasies, and that hotwifing is presented (as indeed it should be) as just another sexual fantasy people can have. A couple can read the book together and then most likely pick out two or three fantasies each and then role play them with each other. Hotwifing will not then be such a terrible secret or even considered that odd anymore, and it can be discussed more easily.
2.      Most ‘HOTWIFING’ novels and novellas sold online are absolute garbage, badly written with no real story, and many descend into sissy cuckold humiliation stuff rather than stag material.. This is particularly true of Kindle books. There are thankfully some exceptions from this rule and they are mostly printed books. One brilliant example of this is actually two books about the same hotwife story, one written from the perspective of the stag and the other from the perspective of the hotwife, taking their first foray into the lifestyle. They are short books and could be read over day or two but are well crafted and hot as hell. They make a perfect gift for the other half to read if you are trying to get them to take interest. I recommend buying both and the hotwife reading ( Because he’s Watching by Kirsten McCurrran ) and the stag reading ( Ian’s Obsession by Kenny Wright) at the same time. The authors collaborated to create this set of books and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
3.      There is a huge almost porn out there pertaining to be hotwife fare. For years the most common stuff was again cuckold humiliation fare, but that had changed and there is far more material now being generated with stag and hotwife themes. The best of these is a movie called ( How to Train a Hotwife, directed by Jacky St James from the New Sensataions, Adult Company). This is a hotwife porn movie made by a female director aimed at women and couples to watch together. I will not ruin the story as there actually is one, which is not always the case with porn. It deals with a normal loving couple exploring the lifestyle. It is extremely erotic and fun at the same time. You can easily find the trailer using google. There is a whole batch of very good hotwife movies from New sensations from the same series (Tales from the Edge) but this one is the best starter hotwife DVD I know about and is really worth the money. You can buy it online or pick it up (or order it) from your local adult store. It only came out in 2015 so it still widely available. It did very well incidentally folks which should tell you something.
4.      After all this has been digested by your other half you should go out together and select a suction dildo (That is one that can attach to a wall or headboard). If you are a wannabe hotwife you can select it yourself but if you are a wannabe stag you should really have her along as she will be the one using it in the end. It is obvious how this is used to encourage the hotwife life in the sense of a (male female male threesome) so get in plenty of practice and build the desire. Less obvious is how to create the desire for a hotwife to be with another guy outside a threesome set up. The best solution to this may be to invest in a penis sleeve or extension for the wannabe stag. These are available in sex shops and online in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Even is a stag is well endowed to begin with, he should be able to find one to give him a slightly different shape and if not well endowed he will be much enhanced, hopefully like any future bull. This is best shopped for together and agreed upon together. If it is a hotwife wannabe leading things she will want to express how naughty it feels and if it is a stag leading things he should focus on telling her how good it is to see her fulfilled with something different. After this you have got to start taking things into the real world.
Some couples will reach a plateau where pillow talk is quite heated and erotic, but if one of the two categorically states it will never proceed beyond that – now what?  All you can do is identify the source of that belief and counter it with both logical, realistic responses and consider real world scenarios to prove the point. But if you are ready to go on, it is time for the real world.
Real-world scenarios are those where a couple can dip a toe in the water of sharing without much real risk involved. The cliche idea of the wife getting hit on in a bar is a cliche for a reason: it’s done. A lot. It’s a great way to boost her confidence in being appealing to other men and it helps prove to her that the husband can sit back and effectively manage his jealousy. At the end of the evening – they go home together. Is a wife always going to get hit on when she socializes? Maybe not, that’s life. Remember to manage expectations and enjoy the process (dressing her up in something decidedly sexy, for example), not just the end result. There are still countless variables in this process that I cannot cover here but I am sure you can find some on the tumblr (Stag and Hotwife Games) if you are short on inspiration, or elsewhere online. Short stories provide good ideas for real world too. There is no excuse, use your imagination.
Remember as mentioned above, all successful stag and hotwife relationships are based on a sense of enjoyment of just being in the others company, everyday romance, and just having fun with stuff generally as a couple. hotwifing might be awesome fun but it is only one part of your wider relationship. Be genuinely fun and romantic and you stand the best chance of getting this over the line, a very good chance indeed as this particular fantasy is deep in the human DNA.
Good luck